Case was dismissed I was assigned Mr. Lin as my attorney, and throughout the whole process he was very professional and made things easy for me to understand. I only ever had to show up to one court hearing, he handled the rest for me. Originally I was facing a felony charge, and in the end the entire case was dismissed.


Review MR. Lin is the best public defender advised to me during my criminal case. He constantly worked with me on assuring my case would be resolved. I appreciate MR. Lin is an outstanding person you can trust and believe in.


Working with this lawyer was a great experience, after interviewing many. I was extremely happy I chose him. He was available whenever I needed his help. Whether it was a phone call or a text. I was also able to see him on the weekends, being that I have a busy work schedule. I felt protected by him, he was very professional, compassionate and determined. He made sure I understood everything regarding my case every step of the way. I highly recommend this lawyer if you’re looking for someone to win your case. Look no further you’ve found the perfect lawyer! User

Paul Leonidas Lin This attorney listened to me and didn't try to convince me to accept a plea bargain when that would have been easier. He had confidence in me and made it easy for me to show proof and even had his own investigator work on my behalf. His investigator did interviews with key people and gathered all the things he needed to have my case dropped on the first day that my trial would have started.He was professional , easy to get a hold of, and helped me by filling in on court days I didn't really have to be present for by showing up in my place.He also helped me get court minutes or documents that I needed even after my case was closed. He also gathered information on the other party's backround showing the character of the person with the false alligations. He is the best and I know now if I ever have any legal problems or any family or close friend needs an attorney, without a doubt he would be the one. Sincerely, Dawn


Thanks so much I just want to say thanks again paul for all your hard work & perseverance in the diligence in my case. In the past 2 years it's been a headache in handling this case over and over again. But thank you for you patience and accuracy on my dismissal I am totally greatful that you were my attorney in this tough time. #Winning