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Paul was an amazing attorney to work with. He made me feel safe and comfortable with my situation. My future went from the dark to the light and it’s all thanks to him. I highly recommend this professional individual. Appreciate it Paul!

Angelica Medina

During troubling times, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Paul is very thorough with his work and covers all of his tracks. A true professional. With his deep understanding of the law he was able to procure a desirable outcome in three separate cases that could have otherwise gone awry – if not for his legal acumen and true passion for wanting to help others. Great lawyers are not easy to come by, but I count my lucky stars everyday that I ran into Paul at the right time. If I were ever looking for representation I’d have him in my corner 10/10.

Joseph Bonilla

Paul was referred to me as a trusted attorney. He led me step by step through my case and answered any questions I had. His responsiveness and ability to find solutions made me comfortable to let him represent me. Years after my case, he was still quick to respond to any questions I had! I would 100% recommend Paul as an attorney for his professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge.

Adrian Nip

If I can give Paul 10 Stars I would. Got quotes from other lawyers and they were outrageous. We explained the situation and he gave us a firm and reasonable price. Our family member has mental issues and needed somebody who would understand him and communicate with him properly. Very kind and patient and if we had any questions he would return our calls promptly. If you are looking for a lawyer that is honest and sticks to his word the Lin Law Office is a place to go.

M Richey

Mr.Paul Lin was heaven sent to my situation, he helped me get my life back on track with a win in trial using expert advice and 5 star professional defense strategy and was always truthful and real I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a defense lawyer that will fight for you and will go the extra mile for his clients.

De Shawn

Paul was a great lawyer always kept me informed always ask me if I need anything or any questions just to give him a call or text he took care of my case an my results went from really bad to I didn’t even have a fine at the end amazing Lawyer

Albert Molina

I had some issues with my former employer and they threatened to sue me and have me arrested. This firm got one of the biggest online retailers off my back immediately. The phone calls stopped, the harrassment ended, and 2 years later I’m still enjoying life in the outside. I got charged a flat fee and they still check around to make sure my former employer isn’t up to their shenanigans. If you’re in trouble, do yourself a favor, let these people help you.

Nell Meza

I was referred to Mr. Lin for a very sensitive situation and he was able to clear the situation. What was very important to me was he keep me updated as the case progressed.

Jose J Gonzalez

My son got in trouble with multiple felony charges, and many thanks to attorney Paul Lin to resolve the case in the best way we can imagine. He is a very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated attorney. We truly recommend him to anyone that is in need of a great criminal attorney!

Melinda Liu

I had a case regarding a previous employer – they used their lawyer to intimidate me. I felt overwhelmed and cornered but after contacting a few attorneys, I chose to work with Mr. Lin at The Lin Law Office in Riverside. He really gave me peace of mind from the feelings of uncertainty and stress. Mr. Lin did not just help me win my case, but followed through on any loose ends after it was all over. It was a fairly long process and he walked me through each step. I’m glad I had someone trustworthy and unrelenting on my side fighting for me. Highly recommend Paul Lin as a criminal defense attorney. Excellent service and experience. Thank you so much!

Joanna Hoang

Attorney Lin was referred to our family after several years of battling the court system in Riverside County, bogged down with Covid restrictions and backlogs of cases trying to find court rooms available to serve defendants lined up to have their day in court. After nearly three years, my grandson was finally relieved when Mr. Lin was able to navigate my grandson out of a hellish judicial nightmare, giving him a new lease on life. Attorney Paul Lin is an outstanding star in his field as a defense lawyer. My family will be forever grateful for what he was able to do for us. He is the true Super Hero. Thank you Paul Lin.

Connie Atkinson

From the beginning Mr. Lin was exceptional in every facet you can be as an attorney. He represented me in a murder trial and won me my freedom. Throughout the process he was very personable with my family as well as myself. He not only believed in me and my case but went above and beyond to be prepared for my trial. Not only was he attentive to detail but always maintained open and honest communication with me. I can’t say enough about his professionalism and knowledge of the law. He never once swayed from his conviction that I was innocent but explored all of my options with me and told me he’d go in the direction that I wished. He was the only attorney that came to visit me and represented me from the beginning of my case through the end of my trial. I’m blessed to have been able to have him as an attorney and come to know him as a person. If I find myself in any legal trouble in the future I wouldn’t have any other attorney represent me.

Kiaree Burns

I want to thank attorney Paul Lin for his wonderful work that he put in for me my family and I are very thank full for all he has done I highly recommend him as a as a great attorney.

George Orozco

I am crying with so much gratitude Paul Lin has been with my son thru the thick of his situation he was for my son during his trial on a fentanyl case the best lawyer in all IE he believed in my son and I couldn’t of asked for a better representation He helped my son get thru the toughest time in his life would visit him in jail to help him…

Jennifer Baleanu

We’re very grateful to the Lord to put Attorney Paul Lin in our path. Attorney Lin is Honest, Professional and Knowledgeable. Our son’s case lasted a little bit over one year, but we didn’t have to appear once in court. Attorney Paul Lin communicated through email and kept us in the loop all the times. We recommend him for your legal cases.

Michael Green
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