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Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

What is a Sex Crime?

Sex crime allegations can damage even the most pristine reputation – if not handled carefully, these accusations can lead to serious lifetime consequences. There are many kinds of sex crimes and each have penalties that will affect you long after you’ve served your sentence. For certain sex crime charges you will not just be facing prison time, but you can end up on the sex offender registry for life.

Generally, a sex crime is any charge that requires a sex offender registration after conviction. With such a wide scope, here are the general sex crimes:

  • Indecent exposure ¹

  • Lewd conduct ²

  • Internet sex crimes ³

  • Child pornography 

  • Prostitution 

  • Rape 

  • Sexual Assault & Battery 

  • Statutory Rape 

In 1996, the California legislature passed Megan’s Law  making the sex offense registry widely available to the public. Above all, it requires registering your name, current location, and past offenses. Of course, being registered is devastating to your personal relationships and professional future. In addition, if a registered sex offender decides to move, they must notify local authorities to update the registry within five days or they face further criminal offenses.  This law also authorizes local law enforcement to let the public know if a sex offender moves into their neighborhood and whether they are deemed a public safety risk.

Sex crime registration offenses are categorized into three tiers, classified by severity of the crime. Depending on the tier, you may be eligible to removal the registration requirements. However, some sexual offense convictions require a lifelong registration.

Tier 1 can include indecent exposure, misdemeanor sexual battery, misdemeanor child pornography, and other misdemeanor sex crimes.

  • Adult sex offenders must register for ten (10) years. ¹⁰

  • Minors must register for five (5) years. ¹¹

  • After the required years, Tier 1 sex offenders may petition for removal from the registry.


Tier 2 can include incest, non-consensual sexual acts, oral copulation or penetration with a foreign object.

  • Adult sex offenders must register for twenty (20) years. ¹⁰

  • Minors must register for ten (10) years. ¹¹

  • After the required years, Tier 2 sex offenders may petition for removal from the registry


Tier 3 is the most severe, including rape, pimping a minor and child pornography.

  • Sex offenders at this tier must register for life and are not eligible to petition for removal.

California’s Sex Offender Registry and Megan’s Law

Why contact The Lin Law Office Inc. for your Sex Crimes case?

Avoid life-altering consequences and reach out to an experienced sex crimes defense attorney to handle your case early on. Mr. Lin has worked with the accused to plead or negotiate for alternative charges that could avoid registration altogether.

Know your rights and your options, if you are accused of a Sex Crime call us today.

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