What is a Criminal Law Specialist?

The California Board of Legal Specialization oversees the State Bar’s certified legal specialization program and develops policy for the certification and recertification of attorneys as legal specialists. When appropriate, the California Board of Legal Specialization certifies attorneys as specialists who have gone beyond the standard licensing requirements. The intent is to provide a method for attorneys to earn the designation of certified specialist in particular areas of law, increasing public protection and encouraging attorney competence.

How does someone become a specialist?

The requirements to become a certified specialist are:

  • passage of a written examination in the legal specialty area;
  • practiced law continuously for at least five years in the specialty area;
  • completion of continuing education in the specialty area;
  • demonstration of comprehensive experience in the specialty area; and
  • favorable evaluations by peers and judges familiar with the attorney’s work.

The State Bar of California must approve each attorney’s application.

Why should I hired a Criminal Law Specialist?

Technically, any attorney may represent a person accused of a crime. However, when your life and freedom are on the line would you want someone who only practices criminal defense part of the time? To put it another way, if you were going in for open heart surgery would you want a General Practitioner or a Cardiothoracic Surgeon? Hiring a criminal law specialist not only ensures that your attorney knowledgeable, but also experienced. The California Board of Legal Specialization scrutinizes all Criminal Law Specialist to ensure they meet the highest standards in the field.

Is Paul Leonidas Lin, Esq. a Criminal Law Specialist?

Yes. Mr. Lin is a Criminal Law Specialist Certified by The State Bar of California. In fact, in the Inland Empire (both Riverside County and San Bernardino County) there are over 5,577 active attorneys who claim the Inland Empire as their main office. Though individual practices may vary, of that number there are only 18 Criminal Law Specialist in the entire Inland Empire (15 in Riverside County and 3 in San Bernardino County.) Nine if you only count the City of Riverside where Mr. Lin is headquartered. 1

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  1. These numbers are updated as of April 2, 2021.[]